- How to place new order?

in the field Type — select the type of services from the dropdown list.
in the field Link — fill the link to the page in the format.
in the field Quantity — fill the needed quantity of likes/followers.

- Instructions

Warning : For orders do not put same link at a same time in same services or different services until that order fully completed or canceled. example If you put order for same profile at same time then it will count one order, you can't get followers for both orders.

Also do not take any Followers/Likes from other places when you submitted any order in our site. Our system is count only recent followers/likes number so our system will count those as his own followers/likes.
Privacy Check : Before order must check your account have in public or don't have any privacy in your order link.
Order Cancelation : We can't cancel any order after submitted because our all service now process automatic. So submit your orders carefully. Orders will canceled automatic if have any error then.
Order Limit : Check before order minimum and maximum limit of our services in price list.

Instagram Followers : If any server mention to add only " Username " then only put Instagram Username. If not mention then you can add username or Full Profile link. 

Vine Likes/Revines : If Any Order Cancel In Vine Then Order Again And Again Until Status "In Progress". Some Time Link Not Submitted Correctly In Server.

YouTube Views : Orders Must Have To Be 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500, 3000 Like This. Do not put any infected numbers mean 1020 or 3125 like this. That will be not accepted.

Facebook Likes : We can target any country likes, after order contact support for country.

- How to fill the field Link depending on the type of service?

Instagram Followers Correct Format :

justinbieber (If Any Service Title Says "Username" Then Put Only Username.)
https://instagram.com/justinbieber/ (If Any Service Title Not Say Username Then Put Full Profile Link)
Instagram Likes/Comments Correct Format :
Facebook Followers Correct Format:
Facebook Photo/Post Likes Correct Format:
Facebook Website Likes Correct Format :
http://smoptimize.fr (Any Website Link Only)
Twitter Followers Correct Format:
Twitter Retweets Correct Format:
Twitter Favorites Correct Format:
YouTube Views/Likes/Dislikes/Favorites/Shares Correct Format:
Vine Followers Correct Format:
Vine Likes/Revines Correct Format:
SoundCloud Followers Correct Format:
SoundCloud Plays/Downloads Correct Format:
Pinterest Followers Correct Format:
Pinterest Likes/Repins Correct Format:
Google+ Followers Correct Format:
Google+ Likes/Shares Correct Format:
Vimeo Views Correct Format:
DailyMotion Views Correct Format:
DailyMotion Followers Correct Format:
Website Traffic Views Correct Format:
http://goo.gl/qWESAWD (go to goo.gl sign in and shorter your website link)


- Order Delivery Time :

If Any Service Title Written With Instant That Mean That Service Will Process Automatic And Start After Your Order Placed Or In Few Minutes. If Any Service Not Written Instant That Mean That Will Start Any Time In 24 Hours. Our Maximum Services Is Process Automatic And Start Instant. Some Time May Have Some Delay If Have Some Problem Or In Under Maintenance or Update from Own social site. That's Why We Not Give Any Guaranty For Instant Start. All Orders Are Taken For 24 Hours. So Do No Contact With Us Before 24 Hours If Your Any Order Not Start Instant.


-What is Partial status?

If status Partial it means system cant give more likes/followers to current page or you put any wrong link or that link have any privacy and money automatically refunded for remains likes/followers.